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Until Every Cage is Empty

What do we mean by, “until every cage is empty?” “There isn’t a morning or night that we as a team don’t think about what we need to do to help stop the epidemic of animals in shelters. We take time away from our families, and volunteer more time than we actually have to try to save lives. It means never giving up, wiping our tears, and moving forward. It means when our bodies and minds are fatigued, we keep moving until every cage is empty, and all of the cats and dogs have a safe permanent home. It might be an unattainable goal– but as a team, we will keep going until every cage is empty.”

-Kristy LaRue

Floyd Felines Co-Founder and CEO


Floyd Felines is a registered 501c3, non-profit organization. Our group was formed to help save homeless, helpless, and ‘at risk’ cats from open-admission shelters in Northwest Georgia. In addition, we strive to educate the community on best practices in relation to cats and kittens in our area. Our goal is to push spay/neuter initiatives and encourage our community to help solve the existing issues facing Floyd County; the over-population of cats and kittens is too much for rescue groups and shelters alike to manage. We do our best to assist low income citizens with affordable spay and neuter options and assist in finding resources for stray and injured cats. Since forming our rescue in 2015, we have saved over 4,000 lives through adoption and Northern transports.


We pull cats and kittens out of open-admission shelters in the Northwest Georgia area. We focus primarily on sick and injured kitties that need the extra TLC we can provide, but we also pull cats that are at risk of being euthanized. Most of our rescued cats and kittens are put up for adoption, but some kitties that are more anti-social find homes as working cats at local barn properties. Our TNR program allows us to help the public with feral communities in our local area. To learn more about TNR, click here

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