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Our Promise

Floyd Felines is currently not open to the public. We are not an intake facility, and often stay at capacity. If possible, we would say yes every time we were asked for help. It truly hurts us to say no. We do the best we possibly can given the overpopulation in our area, and we need your help in saving the cats and kittens.

How can you help if you have found a cat?

• SPAY AND NEUTER! If you are feeding a cat, please take the responsibility to have it vetted. You can feed 5 cats now or 15 cats in a month- and sterilizing is the difference!

• Provide food, water, and shelter.

• Reach out to friends and family through Facebook posts, texts, or other means. Is anyone you know looking to give a cat a good home?

• Find a low cost vet in your area to assist with injuries and illness.

• Don’t wait until it’s too late! Kittens can go into heat and get pregnant at 4 months old.

• Give us grace.


We promise we are doing everything we can.


We are a donation funded non-profit and operate solely on volunteers. We run ourselves down to the core to help as many cats as we can or give direction to the best of our ability. Please be patient with us, and when we say no, please know we wish it was yes every time.

For resources and articles detailing how to best care for a cat or kitten by situation, please click here.

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