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Our Mission

Until Every Cage is Empty

The mission of Floyd Felines is to (1) spay and neuter as many cats as possible to cut down on the number of cats taken in at Floyd County Animal Control (a high kill shelter), (2) provide emergency veterinarian care to the cats that come to our shelter sick and/or injured, (3) provide quality food and necessary vaccinations to the cats before they are adopted or transferred to another animal rescue to be placed for adoption, and (4) assist members of the community with food and basic vet care so it is not necessary for them to surrender their cats due to financial need.

All cats are spayed or neutered before being placed for adoption. This is a cost covered by Floyd Felines or by other rescues who we transfer to.


In 2019, over 380 cats and kittens were sent to other rescues. In addition to rescues in Georgia we transported cats to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and South Carolina.


In 2016, Floyd Felines spayed or neutered 214 cats from our rescue, 10 community cats and provided 75 vouchers for spay/neuter for cats adopted from the county animal shelter.


Floyd Felines has a following of 17,000 people who regularly comment, share and pledge, to help us make a bigger impact in our community.

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